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Natali Demore & Cristina Agave
Natali Demore & Cristina Agave Cougar
Cougar Recruits
Cougar Recruits
Cougar Recruits Natali Demore & Cristina Agave

Today I wanted to get a sexy brunette on film, so me and my cameraman could fuck to it later on. We just so happened to pull up on a sexy cutie at a bus stop. Her man forgot to pick her up, so she was takin the bus home. Well I had the limo and wanted to take her home first class. I told her that I loved her body and just wanted to feel it all over, at first she was shy about it, but as soon as she saw my pussy, she let me all over her. You should see what we did when I got her back home! Let's just say that she was a true freak behind closed doors!

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